Every day should be Safer Internet Day

Digital safety is too important for your school to leave to one day a year.

Checklist: New School Year Admin

School admin set up for the new year is a huge job. Get a jump on things.

EdTech Due Diligence Checklist

Don’t buy an edtech product without asking these critical questions of your vendor.

Risks of using social media platforms for school admin

Know the risks of using social media for important school communications.

What is Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC)?

EOTC stands for Education Outside The Classroom. 

Essential steps for school emergency management

Is your school emergency plan reliable in a crisis?

Data duty of care: what happens when things go wrong?

What happens when data security is breached - and how can you avoid it?

Have you got a Data Breach Plan?

Download your free data breach plan.

New feature: Access controls & permissions

Data security and access are extremely important in environments such as schools, which of...

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"Our parents love the immediacy of EdSmart and we now average between 95% and 97% response rate within a week of sending out a notice. Lost paperwork is almost unheard of now, but if a parent has accidentally deleted a slip it is very simple to resend it." Burnside Primary, South Australia