Data & Cyber Security – A Resource Pack for Schools

Data & Cyber Security – A Resource Pack for Schools


Data & Cyber Security – A Resource Pack for Schools

Top-notch cyber security is paramount for all businesses and organisations, with schools being no exception.

As headlines of attacks increase, so should our vigilance in protecting the sensitive data and information of some of society’s most vulnerable citizens: our children.

In 2022, EdSmart partnered with CTRL Group to conduct a webinar – Is your school struggling with data security? The information presented in this webinar remains highly relevant, so we encourage you to listen & watch a recording, as well as access the deck of slides that accompanied the presentation.

Following are some additional resources we think you’ll find very handy in your ongoing pursuits against malicious actors tampering with your school systems.

How long do schools need to retain data?

With so many students filtering through our collective school systems every year, records management has become an issue for institutions around the world. And with schools progressively upgrading from paper to digital data, standards on what is kept, and how it’s kept, vary dramatically – and problematically.

Read more about the school data retention requirements of different regions across the world.

Why schools should prioritise the security of identity data

The term ‘identity data’ refers to digital information that can be linked back to you as a person. Because of the highly sensitive nature of this data, particularly in schools, every school has a major obligation to secure that information as best as possible… without exception.

Read more about why identity data is becoming an important school subject.

Managing your school’s identity data better

There are three important measures your school can introduce to better manage your identity data and, consequently, minimise the likelihood of falling victim to a ransomware attack or some other form of cybercrime.

Read more about these measures and managing your school identity data.

What to ask EdTech providers about your identity data

You may have impeccable cyber security protocols in place at your school, but what about the EdTech providers that you’re partnering with?

Read more about the questions you should be asking EdTech providers before committing to a service.

Does your school own its data?

When it comes to data ownership and EdTech, many schools believe or assume they own their data – but the reality might not be what you expect.

Read more about ensuring your school’s data remains yours, and yours alone.

EdSmart takes your school’s data security seriously. 

Download a copy of our Data Breach Plan here.

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