Get on track with Cybersecurity

Get on track with Cybersecurity


Get on track with Cybersecurity

Does your school have a cybersecurity framework in place?

Adopting a framework helps tackle cybersecurity in a structured and logical manner. The Essential Eight is a great example of a framework that is easy to understand and apply, and effective in helping minimise risk and ensure a safe digital environment.

Can you answer these important questions?

As the risk of cyber attacks continues to rise, school leaders expect that there are clearly detailed answers on how cyber threats are managed. Having clear answers to these questions will not only help satisfy leadership but also highlight where work still needs to be done.

School Cybersecurity Considerations

  • Do we have effective Cyber Policies and a Security Program that aligns with our business and IT Strategy?
  • Have we identified our crown jewels: critical assets, infrastructure, and processes to support our business?
  • How are we protecting our critical assets and information?
  • Are we aware of the compliance and regulatory requirements related to our sector?
  • What are the biggest threats to our business?
  • Do we know how quickly our organisation can recover from a cyber breach or ransomware attack?
  • Have we tested it?
  • Do we have a Cyber Assurance program? If so, what is it covering?

Are you taking advantage of free resources?

Recently, EdSmart was lucky enough to pick the brain of Thomas Blackwood, Head of ICT at Fahan School. Thomas shared expert knowledge on the above topics and many others.

To listen to Thomas’ advice for schools click here.

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