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Welcome to EdSmart's new Help Centre

By Theresa Klunk
Customer Support Manager Theresa, a self-professed ‘Ameristralian’, has worked as senior technical support engineer and specialist for a number of leading software organisations in Australia and the United States. Initially trained as a computer scientist, Theresa’s love of helping people get the most out of their technologies led her into the customer support and success space. When she’s not trouble-shooting, Theresa trains at an all-women’s powerlifting facility, brunches often and enjoys watching Netflix with her cats.

Using EdSmart has just got even easier with our new Help Centre.


Over the past few months, we have been making improvements to our Help Centre. We're now really excited to be able to share these improvements with you, and help you get the most out of the resources we have available.

You may already be accustomed to emailing help@edsmart.com any time you need help. Of course, you can still do that but we would like to encourage you to first visit help.edsmart.com to find information and raise support requests.

This new Help Centre has a lot of advantages, and we don’t want you to miss out.

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Creating an account

Teacher (1)Please sign up to create an account with the Help Centre. This is separate to your EdSmart account and allows you to track support requests you have raised. You will receive an email to activate your account. 

Available Resources

Knowledge Base

IfKnowledge Base you have a general question about using EdSmart, you’re welcome to search or browse our Knowledge Base for walkthroughs of all of our features, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. We have built this Knowledge Base index to essentially feel like a user manual.


EdSpace Blog

Desktop (1)Peruse smart reads about EdSmart, as well as insights from some of the thought leaders behind the platform. Subscribe to receive user tips, new features and trending news.


Platform Status

You can check the status of the EdSmart platform and subscribe to alerts for any issues on our Status Page

Support Requests

Haven't found what you need in our Knowledge Base or EdSpace Blog? Create a support request to ask a question, report a bug, request assistance or suggest a new feature. Support requests can be created via three methods:

Support Portal

This is where you can create and view support requests, share requests with others or view requests others have shared with you.


Help Widget

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Did you know you have access to Help & Support directly in EdSmart? Click the Untitled design (27)
icon when using EdSmart to search Help Articles or contact support.




Email (2)
Sending a message to help@edsmart.com will open a support request that can be updated via email.


Note (1)

Please note when raising support requests...

  • Raise a separate ticket for each problem or request you have, so they can be directed to the right people and handled individually;

  • If you are reporting a problem with a specific page or feature, it is enormously helpful if you can provide details, such as the web address of the page, the name of the Slip or Form, screenshots, and so forth;

  • You will receive responses from jira@edsmart.atlassian.net so please allow that address through your email filters.

We look forward to assisting you in your journey with EdSmart.

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