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Excursion Risk Management Webinar series by CompliSpace

By Emma Westwood
Writer | Editor | Content & Digital Strategist

With most schools having cancelled or postponed excursions due to COVID-19, you might be surprised that hundreds of school risk managers and leaders are tuning in to a free Excursion Risk Management Webinar series hosted by our school risk and compliance experts, CompliSpace.

School staff are finding that now is a great time to focus on excursion risk for a number of reasons:

  • The time that they would have been spending reviewing excursion plans and risk assessments has now been freed;

  • There are new risks to consider with infection control;

  • Following this period of the digital learning/teaching environment, schools are keen to get back to normalcy, and excursions are part of usual school practices;

  • However, with the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought, they don’t know what the new normalcy will look like.

A recording of the first, introductory webinar – Overview of Excursion Risk Management – is now available, and further in-depth webinars are taking place on 7th May, 21st May and 4th June. The first webinar introduced:

  • The issues and complexities of managing excursion risks;

  • How schools should manage their excursion processes;

  • What best practice excursion risk management looks like.

This webinar was presented and hosted by experts in excursion risk and compliance, each of whom have worked in schools in senior risk and leadership roles.

Some key takeaways from the webinar include:

  • 73% of attendees polled answered 'school staff' are the ones tasked with undertaking risk assessments (27% answered 'school leadership'). However, Jonathon Oliver, CompliSpace Senior Consultant, lawyer and former school Business Manager, explained that this is not appropriate practice. Rather, school leadership should take on this obligation. Schools should use a top-down approach to indicate what their expectations are in relation to risks and safety, and they should provide policies that must be followed by all staff conducting, supervising and attending an excursion.

Jonathan expands on the issues and complexities of managing excursion risk in an in-depth webinar on 7th May.

  • Craig D’cruz (CompliSpace National Education Lead, and former Principal and Deputy Principal) provided insights into how schools can use the Excursion Cycle framework to manage their excursion processes. This framework breaks down the stages of conducting an excursion and provides a categorised and comprehensive way of tackling risk management.

Craig and his colleague, Deanne Cannizzaro, expands on how schools can assess their excursion planning and risk processes in their in-depth webinar on 21st May 2020.

  • Ian Hird, CompliSpace Consultant/Client Relationship Manager, and former school Deputy and Head of Faculty, expanded on the notion of the excursion cycle and how it can be used to inform best practice. He argued that schools tend to escape many excursion issues and incidents through sheer good luck. However, this approach is not sustainable. Following best practice excursion risk management can alleviate risk concerns.

Ian talked about policies and processes, staff professional development and risk culture. He expands on this topic of best practice in his in-depth webinar on 4th June 2020.

The CompliSpace Excursion Risk Management Webinar series is ideal for:

  • Excursion Managers/Approvers – who are responsible for excursion management and risk. Roles might include Co-curricular Coordinator, Director of Sport/Admin, Directors of After School Activities, Head of Outdoor Education and Head of Boarding

  • School Leaders and Governors – who have ultimate responsibility for managing risk for students, staff and the school. Roles might include Risk & Compliance Officer, Head of Primary, Deputy Principal and Principal.

Would you like to request the recordings or register for the remaining live webinars? https://resources.complispace.com.au/safe-excursions-risk-webinar-series

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