2019-06-16 04:52:00

Webinar: All About Excursions

By Sam Sapuppo
Schools Advisor Sam is a committed educationalist who believes in the transformative power of community. Through his 30-year involvement in the leadership team of a prominent educational institution in Melbourne, Sam uses his extensive knowledge to help school workflows and processes run smarter.

In June 2019, we held our first webinar event, ALL ABOUT EXCURSIONS, where we offered a deeper view into how the EdSmart platform can really benefit schools in creating an end-to-end excursion solution and, in turn, reduce workload and staff stress.

Below is a recording of the webinar so, if you feel this will benefit those in your school community, please share with your colleagues and friends. 


All About Excursions Webinar June 12th

We'd love to discuss the excursion process with you further – or anything else about EdSmart, for that matter. Feel free to email me direct sam@edsmart.com or my ALL ABOUT EXCURSIONS co-host, Business Development Executive, Jessica Bowler, jessica@edsmart.com

You're also welcome to watch a video (below) that we produced in the lead-up to the webinar event where I sat down with our CEO & Co-Founder, Fiona Boyd, to discuss the key pain-points involved in the excursions process.  


Or you can also download one of the our resources on the topic of excursions and field trips: Best Practice Guide for Excursions & Incursions Processes in Australian Schools.

Download excursions guide here

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