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Smart School Community: tips & tricks Feb 2019

By Anushe Khan
Sales and Marketing Assistant

In 2019, we will be starting a regular Tips, Tricks and New Features newsletter. We welcome your Tips and Tricks that you've discovered and developed along the way, that have helped you use EdSmart more fully. 

Recently, we’ve been speaking with our Smart Schools about how they use the platform. When talking about their experience, many began sharing the Tips and Tricks that have helped their school best utilise the EdSmart system. For new schools joining our growing community, these tips can be invaluable in building confidence and ease when using EdSmart platform.

Top tips for February 2019

1. Every school should feel comfortable contacting the EdSmart team

We love hearing from our schools that one of the biggest benefits of joining the EdSmart community is working with our delightful team! We always want our schools to feel supported and in good hands. 

“The staff at EdSmart are excellent, will answer the silly questions and take all suggestions on board for either immediate change or future updates.”

- Tim Cartwright, Dean of Students at Macarthur Anglican School.

“We’ve been using EdSmart for over 12 months, and the excellent support and prompt service we get from the team at EdSmart has made the whole process easy. We know we can rely on the system.”
- Soula Mitsopoulos, Head of Senior School’s PA/VASS Administrator at Oakleigh Grammar.

2. Parent Sessions

For new Smart Schools, Katrina Barracu from Launceston Christian College recommends organising parent sessions as part of the EdSmart roll out in order to help parents adapt to any new changes.

“It will take a while to work out how things will work best for your school’s needs, but the ability to monitor more closely, store records and have quicker response results from parents far outweighs any negatives in change management.

Parents will embrace this system, so roll it out with some parent sessions to help inform of changes and to work together.”
- Kristina Barracu, Executive Assistant and Daily Planner at LCS.

Kristina Barracu, Executive Assistant and Daily Planner at Launceston Christian College School EdSmart Smart school community case study            Katrina using the EdSmart platform 

3. Collaboration and synergy between EdSmart and your SMS

In order to get the best out of the EdSmart platform, it's important to keep your student information updated and organised. 

“Make sure you work with EdSmart and your Student Management System (SMS) to make sure that the data will be automatically available for EdSmart.

That and collaborate with the EdSmart team - they're lovely to work with.” 
- Anthony Sutton, Teacher and ICT Manager at Xavier College

Anthony Sutton, Teacher and ICT Manager at Xavier College Edsmart community smart school case study                    
Students at Xavier College in Kew, Victoria. 

4. Go all in!

Katie Richardson from the Hutchins school in Tasmania, strongly recommends diving straight in. She believes this will produce the best results and benefit the school tremendously.

Katie Richardson, Communications Officer at the Hutchins School Edsmart smart school community case study                      Students at Hutchins School in Hobart, Tasmania. 

Smart Schools should make sure when implementing EdSmart into a school that there is no ‘changeover’ or ‘transition’ period. My personal opinion is that if you are an ‘EdSmart school’ then that is what you are. We offer no other alternative choices to parents and have nearly an above 90% response rate. There is no opt out for this system at Hutchins. We also exclusively use EdSmart – so there is no competing system that parents ‘may prefer’.”

- Katie Richardson, Communications Officer at the Hutchins School.

We would love to hear from you and your school about all of the different and unique ways you have been experiencing EdSmart. If you’d like to share your story or tips for other schools please get in touch with our Marketing and Community Assistant Anushe at anushe@edsmart.com and we'll make sure they're shared with the entire community.

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