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Template Library: New COVID-19 Student Attendance Template

By Theresa Klunk
Customer Support Manager Theresa, a self-professed ‘Ameristralian’, has worked as senior technical support engineer and specialist for a number of leading software organisations in Australia and the United States. Initially trained as a computer scientist, Theresa’s love of helping people get the most out of their technologies led her into the customer support and success space. When she’s not trouble-shooting, Theresa trains at an all-women’s powerlifting facility, brunches often and enjoys watching Netflix with her cats.

As school doors reopen for Term 2 and students begin to return, schools are preparing for the unexpected. EdSmart is here to help.

While most schools will reopen for Term 2 this week, there is an uncertainty as to how many students will be in attendance. Many schools are tasked with determining appropriate resource allocation, while teachers are preparing lesson plans for both online and onsite learning. 

This is uncharted territory and, for some parents, sending their children to school is the only option. Understandably, schools across the country are trying to accomodate this as best they can. 

So what is EdSmart doing to help?

In order to better assist our schools, we’ve added a new ‘COVID-19’ category to the Template Library for new forms.  This category includes the Student On Campus Study Template, which is a Parent Slip that can be used, for example, to communicate with parents who are essential workers and must send their children to school because they are unable to teach them at home.

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EdSmart is here to support your school through these challenging circumstances. If you experience any problems locating the template, simply reach out to our Customer Success Team at help@edsmart.com.

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