2021-07-28 21:53:20

Take payments in EdSmart... right now!

By Emma Westwood
Writer | Editor | Content & Digital Strategist

You may not be aware of a handy feature in EdSmart where you can take payments for activities, excursions and events inside our forms, as well as requesting parent permission.

Powered by School EasyPay, EdSmart Payments offers a secure, simple-to-use funds transaction facility for all school fees – payments from your school community directly to your school – that sits within the forms in your EdSmart platform.

This functionality means your school can now synchronise payments with the distribution of your permission slips and consent forms.

Permission and payment requests go out, permissions and payments come in!  

EdSmart Payments can be activated easily regardless of your package* with no setup fees, no ongoing costs and no need to establish a merchant account. In fact, you can avoid any further costs to your school whatsoever if the payment processing fees are passed on to parents.

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More automation for even more benefits to schools and parents

By removing another processing step, EdSmart Payments offers substantial benefits to schools:

  • Increased efficiency (reduced admin and payment chasing);

  • Transparency into payment status;

  • Clear reporting for reconciliation;

  • Hassle-free funds transfers via EFT;

  • Secure PCI DSS compliance (removes card numbers from your school systems);
  • Ease of use.

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For parents, the convenience of providing permissions and consent, submitting a form and completing payment in the one-step means even simpler communications and contact with your school (and greater sanity!).

Similar to schools, parents can see all of their form responses and payments in the one consolidation report rather than having to reconcile separate offline transactions.

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Activate now for better handling of payments

How does your school get started? Fill in this activation form and we can have your school set up to receive payments within two business days. 

Alternatively, email help@edsmart.com and we can answer your questions and walk you through the process. 

More information about EdSmart Payments is also available via our Knowledge Base.

Want to hear from a school about EdSmart Payments? Katie Richardson talks here about her experiences at The Hutchins School.

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* We apologise to New Zealand and other schools outside Australia who are currently unable to access EdSmart Payments.