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Study: What will your school look like in the future?

By Avina Motdhare
Avina comes from a marketing background supporting B2B & B2C brands in implementing marketing strategies and operations. She has a knack for bringing unique campaigns to life and loves everything to do with content creation. When not brainstorming fun content ideas, Avina is probably drinking her fourth cup of coffee, trying out the new coolest cafe in Melbourne or just hanging on the couch with a book.

We want you for an educational research initiative into Australian schools.

2020 and 2021 brought enormous changes to schools. These changes have impacted heavily on the way we approach everyday aspects of education, such as learning from home.  

Lead researcher Mike Parker (see bio below) is investigating what these changes mean for the future of schools, and how schools can be proactive in planning their futures, in an important educational research initiative. 

Your school's involvement is important in helping provide a complete picture of how the Australian educational landscape is evolving, as well as informing your own planning. As a participant, you will be asked to complete a 15-minute survey and then distribute a 5-10-minute survey to the parents of Years 7-11 students.

In return for your participation, your school will receive a report with your results, your state's results and those to the nation as a whole. There is no cost to the school for the report.

Sign up here to contribute to this important educational research initiative. Once registered, Mike will contact you about the next steps in the research process.

The major sponsor of this initiative is EdSmart partner, Studentnet, with supporting sponsorship from Schoolbox and EdSmart.

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More about Mike Parker

Mike Parker is an entrepreneur who has founded two IT companies. One of his companies, Parker IT, focuses on supporting K-12 education through IT consulting services and educational technology research. He is currently the lead researcher working on education technology studies, as well as increasing his skills and knowledge in training adult learners in IT, Management and Leadership.

Mike is actively involved in supporting the educational community, presenting at multiple conferences, hosting online networking events for rural and regional IT professionals and a steering committee member of MITIE (Managers of IT in education with 3,200 members) and past Vice President. 

He is a recent graduate from Deakin University with a Masters of IT Leadership, as well as holding a BA in English Writings Arts from SUNY Oswego (upstate New York).  He has been trained in negotiation and ITIL. He has trained others in IT subject matters and holds a number of credentials at the Masters level including Ethics, Critical Thinking, Teamwork, Communications, Problem Solving, as well as IT credentials.

Mike has learned perseverance at an earlier age, overcoming difficulties associated with dyslexia. He is a former US Marine, and a former Senior Systems Administrator supporting NASA. He has also held positions for several years as an IT Manager and Projects Manager, and has been a lecturer for the Diploma of Tertiary Preparation.

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