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Are you one of our #SmarterSchools2020?

By Fiona Boyd
As Co-Founder and CEO of EdSmart, Fiona is passionate about using technology to empower relationships and a greater good, with a focus on helping educators, parents and students worldwide. She began her career as a radio broadcaster and was Co-Founder of ArtsHub, the leading online home for arts and cultural workers in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. She was featured in the book 50 Great eBusinesses and the Minds Behind Them (Random House 2007). Fiona is also a long-time runner and mother of three.

EdSmart is on a mission to make our schools the stars in 2020. This is your chance for your school to be noticed.

Over the five years our EdSmart School Organisation System (SOS) has helped schools run better, we've been constantly amazed by the ingenuity of our Smart School community.

Schools around the world are putting EdSmart's technology into practice, or using EdSmart as part of their school initiatives, in ways we could never have imagined!

As the 2019 calendar year draws to a close, in this video, I talk about EdSmart's plans for #SmarterSchools2020 where we ask you to tell us about yourselves – not just regarding EdSmart but also how you're taking your school into the future.

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