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Are you making the most of your Form Templates?

By Anushe Khan
Sales and Marketing Assistant


As an EdSmart school, you’ll be aware that all forms across your Workflows are based on a pre-built Template. While this Template is designed for maximum usability, there are some things you should know about organising your Templates that will make life a whole lot easier.

Tip #1 – Sort your Templates under Categories

Create Categories for your Templates according to the Form type or purpose. Doing this will enable you to find Forms and Templates with minimal fuss, especially once your library of Forms and their uses grows. These Categories may also be assigned to one or more groups.

On the Settings page, click the Form Template Categories option. The list indicates the number of Form Templates assigned to each Category, and whether the Category is assigned to one or more User Groups. User Groups can be used to control access to the Form Templates and Slips/Forms created from the Templates. 

EdSmart Form Templates/Categories

Click the blue 'Add New' button (see above) to create a new Category, or click to edit an existing Category. You can assign the Category to a User Group when editing. 

EdSmart Form Templates

Add Template to Category
A Form Template can be assigned to one or more Categories. Edit the Template and select the required Categories (see below).

EdSmart Form Templates

Add all Slips/Forms Created Using a Template to a Slip/Form Folder
A Form Template can be assigned to a folder so that all the Slips/Forms created from this Template are saved into a Slip/Form Folder upon creation. You can select the folder inside the Form Template creation page (see below).

EdSmart Form Templates

Tip #2 – Read Only versus editable fields

You can make your text fields both editable or read only. This way you can control what a staff member or parent can change when interacting with the form. If you do not want anyone changing the text, tick the Read Only Label in the field (see below). 

Allowing a parent to change details can assist you to show them data and have them make changes. Using this in combination with Student Attributes can also assist you when choosing the export “changes in Student Attributes”.  

Converting a text field to Read Only in the actual field

EdSmart Form Templates

Tip #3 – Keep your Templates as generic as possible

By keeping Templates generic, you help facilitate repeat use. Leave Date and Activity fields blank so they can then be specified on the Slip itself.


Useful Help articles in our Knowledge Base  

We've included a few resources from our Knowledge Base, just in case you'd like to learn more about fully utilising the EdSmart platform or you want to revise the basics. 

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