2020-06-10 05:23:46

EdSmart CEO on 'Scotch with Sadie' podcast

By Emma Westwood
Writer | Editor | Content & Digital Strategist

EdSmart CEO Fiona Boyd appeared on US-based Responsify's 'Scotch with Sadie' podcast to talk about EdTech, schools and juggling the demands of work and life.

Business Growth Strategist Sadie Scotch from Responsify has been podcasting under the title Scotch with Sadie where she interviews leaders in the technology space about their professional and personal journeys.

We were thrilled when Sadie invited our own EdSmart CEO, Fiona Boyd, to chat about her experiences leading up to the establishment of EdSmart, and where the EdSmart adventure has taken her thus far.

Listen to the 45-minute podcast or read the transcription. Best consumed with scotch in hand.

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