2020-06-01 01:14:26

Keeping up with school hygiene standards

By Anushe Khan

Students are returning to classrooms, and schools are under pressure to maintain impeccable hygiene standards to stop the spread of COVID-19. We help you meet the grade.

While states and territories across Australia and New Zealand (and the world) are dictating their practices for stemming the spread of Coronavirus, the Australian Federal Government has come up with some clear guidelines in a simple poster format, reproduced for you below:  

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 4.18.28 pm

EdSmart's School Organisation System shines during emergency management, so we encourage you to use the functionality of the technology to communicate necessary changes across your school community, and ensure everyone understands and accepts the adjustments needed in this COVID-19 back-to-school climate.

Examples of COVID-19 back-to-school uses for EdSmart:

  • Acceptance of new hygiene rules by parents (Parent Slips);

  • Been in contact with someone with COVID-19? Let the school know immediately, and don't come to school (Parent Initiated Form);

  • Does your child feel unwell and display COVID-19 symptoms? Let the school know immediately, and don't come to school (Parent Initiated Form);

  • Emergency changes to school processes e.g. pick-ups/drop-offs by parents, as well as changes to bus timetables, etc. (Broadcasts)

If you'd like any assistance with using EdSmart to assist with your COVID-19 compliance, don't hesitate to contact our Support Team and raise a request.

Special offer – hand sanitiser for schools

Schools are going to be using a lot of hand sanitiser in the coming months – that's for sure – with sanitising stations recommended for both the entrances and exits of campuses, as well as all class and common rooms.

To service this increased demand, EdSmart's partner, Hi-gene, is offering schools a 30% discount off the recommended retail prices of their hand sanitisers (either individual or bulk purchases), along with sanitiser dispensers and stands.

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