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New features and updates for September

By Steven Yong
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Track, manage and identify COVID-19 vaccination compliance across your school community with our COVID-19 Certification Management module.

COVID-19 Certification Management 

Making your life easier is our number one priority. Accordingly, we have taken the initiative to design a dedicated module in EdSmart for capturing COVID-19 vaccination certificates from staff – our COVID-19 Certification Management module – to assist in your compliance with Federal and State vaccine targets.

6 easy steps to upload staff COVID-19 vaccination certificates:

  1. Select your Name > My Profile (Top right-hand corner)
  2. Click on the 'Certifications' tab
  3. Add 'New'
  4. Enter the 'Document Number' and 'Valid From Date'
  5. Attach the vaccination certificate
  6. Click 'Save'


For more information on COVID-19 Certification Management, visit our Knowledge Base.

EdSmart Payments 

EdSmart Payments is a simple, tailor-made solution for collecting all types of school fees, powered by School EasyPay. Schools can request parents make payments through a Parent Slip and check the status of any payments within EdSmart.*

Below are the top five reasons why you should use EdSmart Payments:
  • No set-up or ongoing fees, nor does your school need a merchant account.
  • Increased efficiency – form submission and payments all at once.
  • Reduce admin and payment chasing.
  • Receive funds by EFT and clear reporting for easy reconciliation.
  • No need for parents to make offline or separate payments.

For more information about EdSmart Payments, visit our Knowledge Base.

*We apologise to New Zealand and other schools outside Australia who are currently unable to access EdSmart Payments.

Calendar Widget

Smart feature! Did you know, with our Calendar Widget, you can display events on your EdSmart Dashboard for checking due dates, send dates for Slips and Broadcasts in ascending order, calendar dates for Slips and so on. Try it today! You'll find it will help with the prioritisation and monitoring of your Slips in the one place.

Learn how to Customise your EdSmart Dashboard.

Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 3.13.29 pm copy

For further handy hints and tips to optimise your EdSmart usage, visit our Knowledge Base.

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