Attention all users: New features and updates for October are here (and there's a bundle)!

We've had a great month with quite a few versatile features released onto the EdSmart Platform. Read below for more detail.

1. Character Count Progress Bar

We understand there has been some concern in regards to keeping track of the number of characters used in a broadcast or long description fields. 

We listened to your feedback and have accordingly implemented a new visual feature to help address this concern. For more information, please click here.


2. Hold your Slip/Form 

Having trouble holding your retained searched terms when viewing past Slips or Forms?

We now retain your Search terms, when searching and browsing through EdSmart, you can now return to your search results by hitting the Back button after viewing Slips, Forms, Students, Contacts and Lists.

3. CompliSpace's SafeTripBuilder Integration

For our schools who have a direct integration with the CompliSpace's SafeTripBuilder, we have an exciting new update that allows you to duplicate this form using an existing form.

After selecting the clone form function with the original form, you will be directed towards the copy excursion wizard. The wizard will guide you through the parts of the original form you would like to carry across to the duplicate form. Find out more from our Knowledge Base.

There are even more useful Help articles in our Knowledge Base.

If you'd like to learn more about fully utilising the EdSmart platform or you want to revise the basics, EdSmart's Knowledge Base is always a great place to start.