2021-11-26 00:29:52

New features and updates for November/December

By Steven Yong
Steven is an energetic customer service representative with over eight years of experience resolving complex customer inquiries. He's a self-motivated, personable and results-driven individual who is passionate about building strong customer relationships, driving brand loyalty and increasing customer engagement. His favourite sports are football (plays at least once a week) and tennis. He now works as the Customer Success Agent/Trainer at EdSmart.

Here's what we've got to share with you regarding November/December platform news...

Create a Form on behalf of another User & send a notification to this User.

This feature allows Staff Users to create a Form on behalf of another User. The new update also allows a notification to be sent to this User at any step of the workflow. 

For example: 

1. Steven creates a Form on behalf of Kai.

2. Steven selects, this Form is not for me, and inserts Kai into the box.

3. Steven proceeds to send out the form.

4. Kai becomes the Form Creator and will receive a notification but the workflow will need to be set up accordingly in the template. Find out more about creating a Form on behalf of another User here.

Improve usability of long Forms

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