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Feature of the Month – Field Configurations

By Kai Vedanayagam
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We are doing something a little different for the month of May to help you use EdSmart smarter.

We create a monthly blog article about new features and updates of the platform. For May, we decided to focus on one particular feature that will make your life easier and enhance the EdSmart experience for your wider school community. So, let's take a look at...

Field Configurations – your answer to greater efficiency and effectiveness of EdSmart forms!

Field Configurations

Field Configurations are used by many of our power users but we've noticed there is a large percentage of the EdSmart community that is still not familiar with this functionality. 

What exactly are they?

Field Configurations – also known as Conditional Fields – add dynamic functionality to EdSmart forms. These fields enable the behaviour of the form to change based on selections made in previous fields.

For example, you may have a list of sporting options you would like a parent to choose from. Some of these options could be tennis, rugby, cricket, etc. Instead of displaying all information about all sport in the form, you only want to display relevant information based on the option selected by the parent. So, if a particular parent were to choose rugby, then the form only displays information relevant to rugby. 

Why use Field Configurations?

Many of our EdSmart power users apply Field Configurations to a Form Template to give the end users (i.e. parents, students, staff, etc.) a cleaner and seamless Form Response experience. Irrelevant fields will not be visible to these users, which helps avoid confusion regarding the fields that should be filled.

This also helps to reduce the number of Form Templates that need to be built for a single event. Instead of building out a form for each sport type – tennis, rugby, cricket and so on – use a single Form Template incorporated with Field Configurations to account for different scenarios. 

How do you set them up?

Let's have a look at an excerpt from EdSmart Academy's Foundation Course that explains how to set up a Form Template with Field Configurations. You can also read our Knowledge Base on Field Configurations.

Field Configurations

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