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New features and updates for March

By Kai Vedanayagam
Kailash has a background in accounting/finance but he has endeavoured to be in customer-facing roles throughout his career. He loves training clients. In the past, this has prompted him to start his own business as a driving instructor. Kailash has a desire to spread joy through this smile and laughter and strives for positive client experiences no matter what the situation entails. He loves going to The 1000 Steps Kokoda Track Memorial for walks (often three to four times a week), playing tennis and snowboarding.

Here's a rundown of new and upcoming EdSmart features for March.

We're back with a fresh edition of New Features and Updates for March. Check out our latest updates below to ensure your school is getting the most out of EdSmart. 

1. Continued improvements to our performance

EdSmart engineers have continued working behind-the-scenes to stabilise and improve the platform's performance. Our focus on performance is ongoing, and we're pleased to have already received positive feedback from our customers as we progress on this front. Be assured that all feedback is taken seriously and we are continuously moving forward on your behalf.  

2. Configuring of data from Process Overview to 1st Form in Process (Transform customers)

You can now automatically map basic details available from the Process Overview screen to the 1st Form in a Process.

With details like Activity Name, Date and Time being recorded when the Process is initiated, we encourage you to take advantage of the Process Mapping, which automatically fills these details into the 1st Form.

You just need to ensure the Process Design has been setup beforehand so you can see the information flow through.

Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 9.56.05 am

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3. Viewing attachments from Slip Response page

This handy feature can help you quickly download attachments straight from each individual response. You will notice that the attachment is hyperlinked at the bottom. This allows you to review the contents of the attachment within a Slip's Response, if you wish to do so.

New Features Attachment link in response4. Attaching up to five files to Forms

Previously, schools could only attach five files to Forms in bulk. Now, users have the ability to attach up to five files at the one time. 

What's next for EdSmart?

Admin Course released for beta testing

Before our Admin Course is made available to all users, we have a few users who have put up their hands to test this new addition to EdSmart Academy. If you would like to join these beta testers and provide feedback on the new course, please raise a support request here.

The Admin Course covers the following topics:

  • Customising EdSmart to school requirements
  • User group and permissions
  • Learn how to keep your platform organised
  • Email bounce log
  • Data management
  • Attributes setup 

If you have any feature requests, let us know and we can add it to our wish list. We prioritise your requests based on demand and popularity. 

Feature request

For further handy hints and tips to optimise your EdSmart usage, check out our Knowledge Base.

Have some spare time? Check out EdSmart's Foundation Course. It's a great way to brush up on your EdSmart skills before the school year begins.