2021-02-21 22:50:09

New features and updates for February

By Kai Vedanayagam
Kailash has a background in accounting/finance but he has endeavoured to be in customer-facing roles throughout his career. He loves training clients. In the past, this has prompted him to start his own business as a driving instructor. Kailash has a desire to spread joy through this smile and laughter and strives for positive client experiences no matter what the situation entails. He loves going to The 1000 Steps Kokoda Track Memorial for walks (often three to four times a week), playing tennis and snowboarding.

Here's a rundown of new and upcoming EdSmart features for February.

Our schools have been busy across the first few weeks of the Australian and New Zealand school year. Consequently, the EdSmart team has also been busy, with our primary focus on stabilising and enhancing the platform's performance.

We're very pleased to say we're making solid progress...

1. Performance Enhancements

Due to unprecedented demand and increased usage, the EdSmart platform has been tried and tested on several occasions, with some users experiencing intermittent delays.

As a result, our engineering team has been monitoring these issues and has refined and improved database-related processes to give EdSmart users a smoother platform experience.

2. Approval Workflow Reminders

With multiple tasks at hand, the approval of forms may be one thing that slips your mind – so let EdSmart remind you! Approval Workflow Reminders can now be added to a Form Template. 

By adding this into your template workflow, you (i.e. the approver) will receive a notification according to a set number of days of your choice. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 2.55.00 pm

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3. Repeating Slips

Did you know you can set a slip to repeat as, and when, you like?

The Repeating Slips functionality allows some automation into your workflow and processes so you can send the same slip with the same set of recipients (i.e. parents/students) periodically. 

Repeating Slips

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What's next for EdSmart?

Continued focus on performance

While we have already introduced some changes to improve performance, we are actively seeking to make even more adjustments. These changes will include a more refined Dashboard Setup (note: customers will be informed before this new dashboard is introduced), improvements to forms processing and more! 

As our primary focus is on the stability of the platform, we haven't released as many new features this month as regular users may have come to expect. But we appreciate the patience of the EdSmart community as we strive for a more robust, reliable and faster EdSmart.

For further handy hints and tips to optimise your EdSmart usage, check out our Knowledge Base.

Have some spare time? Check out EdSmart's Foundation Course. It's a great way to brush up on your EdSmart skills before the school year begins.