2020-12-21 05:47:26

New features and updates for December

By Kai Vedanayagam
Kailash has a background in accounting/finance but he has endeavoured to be in customer-facing roles throughout his career. He loves training clients. In the past, this has prompted him to start his own business as a driving instructor. Kailash has a desire to spread joy through this smile and laughter and strives for positive client experiences no matter what the situation entails. He loves going to The 1000 Steps Kokoda Track Memorial for walks (often three to four times a week), playing tennis and snowboarding.

Attention all users: New features and updates for December are here!

See below for some of EdSmart's gifts to our customers this holiday season.

1. Attach up to 5 files for School Forms

A simple one. Due to request from several schools, we have now increased number of files you can attach to a School Form from three to five. Enjoy!

2. Improved responsiveness when searching for students in Slips & Broadcasts

We have improved the responsiveness for searching individual students when sending slips and broadcasts. Begin typing in the first 3 letters of the student name and you will see some prompt results. 

3. Form Designer Fixes

We noticed some users were having a little bit of trouble when saving their Form Templates. The EdSmart team have worked on the Form Designer for a cleaner experience when editing and saving templates.

4. Dashboard Widget Adjustments

Dashboard widgets are a great way to speed up an EdSmart user's workflow. The Current Work widget shows you exactly what items need actioning. As some schools reported minor issues with this handy tool, the EdSmart engineering team worked to have them resolved.

We highly recommend our users to use this feature as part of our best practice guide. It will save you ample time in the long run.

Find out more about Dashboard Widgets here.

What's next for EdSmart...

1. EasyPay Calculation fields

The Form Designer is soon to get a new Field Type. This field will give users the ability to add calculation fields, where you can add quantity and unit price to an itemised table which automatically calculates the total. This will be great for creating internal budget forms, catering forms etc. 

2. Search Broadcasts, Slips and Forms using Dates

EdSmart will be working through the break to develop a handy tool i.e. to help locate older Broadcasts & Slips. This will increase your efficiency if you were looking to refer back or if you were going to clone an old form for current use.

There are even more useful Help articles in our Knowledge Base.

Have some spare time during the holidays? Check out EdSmart's Foundation Course. It's a great way to brush up on your EdSmart skills before the school year begins. 

Happy Holidays!