2021-08-27 07:11:47

New features and updates for August

By Steven Yong
Steven is an energetic customer service representative with over eight years of experience resolving complex customer inquiries. He's a self-motivated, personable and results-driven individual who is passionate about building strong customer relationships, driving brand loyalty and increasing customer engagement. His favourite sports are football (plays at least once a week) and tennis. He now works as the Customer Success Agent/Trainer at EdSmart.

As August nears a close, here's what we've got to share with you...

Sync User Mobile Field via SQL / AHCM – new feature!

This new feature allows schools to broadcast SMS to staff. We can now sync mobile numbers to EdSmart and directly send SMS but, first, we will need to update your Staff SQL view to automate the import.

To enable automated imports from your school database into EdSmart, please contact EdSmart Support to request the SQL View Document.


Data charting fixes

We noticed some users were experiencing difficulties when clicking on the bar in a Custom Report – it wasn't displaying which students were linked or resulting for that bar. We're pleased to say EdSmart Engineering has worked on this issue and Custom Reports are now charting correctly.

Find out more about customising reports.

Activity name is required when creating a process

We discovered that a Process could be saved with no title. However, this has also now been rectified. Next time you create a Process, you will be prompted to provide an Activity Name.

To find out more about using the Process Module to speed up event processes for your school. 

Improvement on my forms

Any incomplete Parents Slips will be archived under Archived Slips, and it will not be displayed under the parent's EdSmart account. Instead, email and SMS notifications will be sent to the parent to complete their Slips.

Got EdSmart product suggestions? 

If you've got a suggestion, we'd love to hear it. Once we receive your request, we'll discuss the new feature internally and get back to you regarding its feasibility as a new addition to EdSmart's School Organisation System.

Feature request

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