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New features and updates for April

By Kai Vedanayagam
Kailash has a background in accounting/finance but he has endeavoured to be in customer-facing roles throughout his career. He loves training clients. In the past, this has prompted him to start his own business as a driving instructor. Kailash has a desire to spread joy through this smile and laughter and strives for positive client experiences no matter what the situation entails. He loves going to The 1000 Steps Kokoda Track Memorial for walks (often three to four times a week), playing tennis and snowboarding.

Here's a rundown of new and upcoming EdSmart features for April.

We encourage you to read through the following features and updates to ensure you are optimising the use of EdSmart for your school.

1. Admin Course is taking enrolments

The Admin Course is the second addition to EdSmart Academy, specifically designed to help school administrators get the most out of the platform by helping reduce the time spent handling administrative 'paperwork'.

The Admin Course covers the following topics:

  • Customising EdSmart to school requirements
  • User group and permissions
  • Keeping your platform organised
  • Email bounce log
  • Data management
  • Attributes setup

With the Admin Course, you get to start the new school term with a stronger knowledge of EdSmart, which will also help with customising your school's internal processes to be more productive and efficient.

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2. Removal of Chart widgets from Dashboard

Effective 30th April, Chart widgets have been removed from the EdSmart Dashboard page for standard users (not for admins).

EdSmart has determined that these Charts provide little value to the majority of users who are only using EdSmart for specific Broadcasts, Slips and/or Forms. Furthermore, for every user login, the platform needs to read and analyse data to produce the Charts, which drains the platform's resources and contributes to any platform performance issues.

Customize Dashboard Widget

We recommend that you redesign your Dashboard to suit your specific role requirements within EdSmart. 

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3. Form Designer Preview now shows the responsiveness of Field Configurations 

When setting up Field Configurations in the Form Designer, users can now play with the configurations in the preview to ensure these configurations are accurately triggered based on responses selected in previous fields.

Configurations are a great way to ensure that the information displayed in Forms/Slips are relevant to Parent, Student or Staff based on initial selection made in the Form/Slip.

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4. SMS Broadcast 'Send copy to User/User Group' 

Some schools reported an issue that copies of SMS Broadcasts sent to other users were missing a link. Our engineers have worked on a patch so that a link is now included for users that are sent a copy of the Broadcast.

Did you know about our SMS Broadcast Rules?

Whether EdSmart sends Email or SMS Notifications to Parent Contacts is determined by a combination of settings on the Parent Contact details and Slip or Broadcast settings. 

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5. Export Slip Response Data

We uncovered some inefficiencies in the Export functionality where exports were initially displaying student ID values only, with all other fields being blank. We've now attended to this functionality so that Exporting Slip Responses displays Student Attribute field responses. Additionally, when exporting responses, Options Lists now displays the data accurately. 

All these features of the Export function have been revamped for our users. 

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What's next for EdSmart?

1. Major performance improvements

As you are aware, performance upgrades are ongoing and we have some major performance updates coming soon as we switch over to CosmosDB. This should dramatically increase the speeds at which EdSmart can be accessed and navigated.

2. New field type: itemised table for School & Parent Forms

The new itemised table for School & Parent Forms will give users the ability to add calculation fields, where you can add quantity and unit price to an itemised table, which then automatically calculates the total. This will be great for creating internal budget forms, catering forms, uniform orders, bus booking forms, etc. 

3. Request a feature

If you've got a suggestion, we'd love to hear it. Once we receive your request, we'll discuss the new feature internally and get back to you regarding its feasibility as a new addition to EdSmart's School Organisation System.

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For further handy hints and tips to optimise your EdSmart usage, make sure you head to our Knowledge Base.