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EdSmart case study: Rangi Ruru Girls' School NZ

By Anushe Khan
Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Pain-free administration lightening the load in NZ – Rangi Ruru Girls' School in Christchurch has been able to streamline their data, knowing it is safely stored and centrally accessible in one place. 

Located in Christchurch, Rangi Ruru Girls' School is an independent girls' school offering personalised, holistic education from Year 7 - 13, day and boarding. 

In an effort to discover a better way to perform crucial administrative tasks, such as permission slips, the school looked towards potential digital solutions that could fit their exacting requirements.


Head of IT, Carl Hogan, had implemented EdSmart in his previous role at Lincoln High School - another EdSmart Smart School - so was confident the platform could meet their needs. In his role at Rangi Ruru, Carl looks after the strategic oversight of all IT- related items, anywhere from physical infrastructure to the deployment of software. As an advocate of EdSmart, he commends the "user-interface design and the ease of use - how easy it was for teachers to self serve."

In addition to staff being able to smoothly transition into using the platform, EdSmart's wide range of integrations meant Rangi Ruru was able to confidently deploy EdSmart knowing that data would be easily readable and accessible by their PCSchool student management system.

Other facets of the platform that addressed the needs of Rangi Ruru were EdSmart's record-keeping functionality and digital workflows. Prior to EdSmart, the school had been using paper-based processes, which were completely transformed by going digital and using EdSmart's flexible forms.




Another key part of Rangi Ruru's successful deployment of EdSmart is their secret weapon, Jude Connochie, who is the database administrator and silent champion of the platform.



A huge part of Jude's role is ensuring that data being pulled from the database relating to current and past students/parents is accurate so, when EdSmart came about, Jude was able to dive in and take ownership of its use over the last 12 months. She is now known as the resident EdSmart expert!

Jude was excited to make the jump to digital as she was keen to get rid of paper forms. Carl explained that, in the past, "if a teacher wanted to send a form, they had to come and see Jude, provide the rationale, and then Jude would have to make time to get that done."

In the year since Rangi Ruru's deployment of EdSmart, the school has been silently kicking goals by transitioning to digital and reducing administrative burden. And, they look forward to more wins to come.

"Any good administrative system is quiet and pain-free because it gets out of the way rather than gets in the way.

So once people have created and actioned one or two forms, they're off and running, and really enjoy how easy it is to do.”

Carl Hogan
Head of IT , Rangi Ruru Girls' School


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