2020-09-16 03:07:33

Webinar: Big thinkers in school leadership – how are they handling finance and HR in 2020?

By Emma Westwood
Writer | Editor | Content & Digital Strategist

The success of our first Big Thinkers in School Leadership webinar saw a return of our 'Dream Team' of principals to discuss another important topic: How are they handling finance and HR in 2020?

Big Thinkers (Webinar 2 Sept 2020)

On Wednesday 16th September @ 11am AEST and 1pm NZST, the following panel provided an hour session of candid discussion and timely insights on the topic of HR and finance:

Phillip Heath AM, Barker College (NSW, Australia)
Heather McRae, Diocesan School for Girls (Auckland, New Zealand)
Anthony Elmore, St Michael's College, Merrimac (QLD, Australia)
Christine Allen, Carmel College (Auckland, New Zealand) 
Andy Muller, Scotch Oakburn College (Tasmania, Australia)

Moderated by EdSmart CEO, Fiona Boyd

If you missed the live event, we will be sharing a recording of the webinar shortly. In the meantime, you might like to watch the previous webinar in this series, 2020: Where are the big thinkers in school leadership heading?

Watch the webinar 

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