2020-07-15 22:49:56

Webinar: Where are the big thinkers in school leadership heading?

By Anushe Khan
Sales and Marketing Coordinator

In this free webinar, five outstanding school leaders from Australia and New Zealand shared how they're applying their insights from the last few months to move forward.

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On Wednesday 15th July, EdSmart hosted a webinar where we heard from a panel of outstanding principals about the challenges and learnings already encountered as school leaders in 2020:


The panel of principals consisted of:

Phillip Heath AM, Barker College (NSW, Australia)
Anthony Elmore, St Michael's College, Merrimac (QLD, Australia)
Heather McRae, Diocesan School for Girls (Auckland, New Zealand)
Christine Allen, Carmel College (Auckland, New Zealand) 
Andy Muller, Scotch Oakburn College (Tasmania, Australia)

Moderated by EdSmart CEO, Fiona Boyd

Whether you attended the webinar live and you would like to repeat the experience or you were unable to attend at the time, we're pleased to supply you with a video of the presentation.


Watch the webinar 


Download the Podcast


We had so many questions for the panel that we ran out of time on the day. However, given the importance and relevance of these remaining questions, our panel kindly agreed to respond to them in writing. Accordingly, we're now pleased to share their answers with you.

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