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Parent Slip file uploads

By Kai Vedanayagam
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This new feature of the EdSmart SOS allows parents to upload attachments to slips before submitting the form.

The Parent Slip file upload feature could prove to be a handy tool for Victorian schools at the present time, given parents are required to submit a worker’s permit to schools before they can send their children to school.

To use this feature, you will need to customise the Parent Slip template design:

  1. Select Form Templates from the left hand side menu bar.

  2. Identify and select edit under design column of a Parent Slip Template.

  3. Switch to the Parent/Student Fields Tab and scroll down to the Parent/Student Information section.

  4. Drag and the File Upload Field from the Fields Tab and Drop it into the Parent/Student information sections as deemed fit.

  5. Click on save template to complete.

Parent File Upload

Now that the File Upload field has been added to the template, once this Parent Slip has been sent, parents will be able to attach files to this slip.

Note: Files can only be in PDF, JPG, PNG, DOC or DOCX and can no larger than 3Mb. Additionally, only a single file can be attached.

Response Review

The file uploaded by parents can be reviewed in the Parent Slip response section. The file attached is downloadable via the download arrow button under View column.

At this stage, files can be downloaded one response at a time. The ability to download multiple files is coming soon!

Download parent slip files

Additionally, users can now download files uploaded by parents as an entire zip file. In Responses, simply click on Export/Print and hit Download ZIP of Uploaded Files to download all uploaded files by parents in an instant.


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