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EdSmart case study: Oxford Falls Grammar School

By Anushe Khan
Sales and Marketing Coordinator

IT deployment without help from the IT department – Oxford Falls discovered the ease of introducing EdSmart into their administration.

Located in the beautiful surrounds of Sydney’s northern beaches, Oxford Falls Grammar School (OFGS) is a co-educational school that prides itself on providing an inspiring and dynamic Christian foundation for children in K-12.

With 1,100 students and over 30 years of educating young lives, OFGS offers a robust academic program focused on 21st century learning. Beyond its comprehensive curriculum, what makes the school special is its staff. The staff at OFGS always have a can-do attitude.

Former ICT Manager at OFGS Mike Parker was tasked with the management of the ICT Department and involved in project and people management, innovation and process improvement. For Mike, the frustration of paper forms led the team at OFGS to EdSmart as a digital solution.

"I hate paper forms. They go missing, they are harder to fill out and, when something goes wrong, it's impossible to find out with certainty where the problem occurred."

When evaluating potential solutions, the school was specifically looking to improve the start of the year processes that involved parents providing a general consent form, updating medical records and providing permission for students to be photographed.

"This process was previously so time-consuming that an extra staff member had to be employed for three  weeks at the start of each year, and we still weren't able to accomplish the school goals, which we can now."

The EdSmart ecosystem, driven by interoperability, meant that the implementation of the system was made easy for OFGS as it "fit well within existing systems at OFGS including Schoolbox and Studentnet."

For OFGS, the EdSmart experience is underpinned by ease of use and quality customer support that continues past initial phases of deployment and onboarding.

"My expectations of Edsmart were that it would be a project in which IT would be heavily involved in all steps of the process. This hasn't been the case.

Edsmart is easy enough to set up that our admin staff have been happily creating the forms we need. When they needed additional support, it has largely been Edsmart that has provided that support.

The greatest compliment I can share is that Edsmart is so easy to use that the IT team hasn't yet been needed to help set up a form.”

Mike Parker
Former ICT Manager, Oxford Falls Grammar School


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