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EdSmart case study: Oakleigh Grammar

By Emma Westwood
Writer | Editor | Content & Digital Strategist

One of our first customers – this Melbourne school is ahead of the curve.

Oakleigh Grammar in Melbourne, Australia, was one of the first schools in the world to adopt EdSmart's online platform. Soula Mitsopoulos, Head of Senior School’s PA/VASS Administrator at Oakleigh Grammar, shares her EdSmart story.

What drew you to EdSmart?

The chance to reform the way we run our school, in a way that's less work and less stress for our teachers and parents. We needed to change the way we operated, and we wanted to harness the opportunity for immediate responses, and the ability to export all the required details into a convenient spreadsheet.

Did your environmental footprint play a role in choosing to use EdSmart? 

Environmental considerations are very important to our school. EdSmart is an investment that's helping us to reduce our environmental footprint and reduce waste. The green credentials of EdSmart are definitely one of its chief appeals for us.

What are some of the best things that have happened since implementing EdSmart at your school?

The increase in efficiency in collecting responses and information has been really notable. Also, that we are able to work with the EdSmart team to improve our requirements, as well as get ideas to streamline the processes, means a lot to us.

How did you find integrating EdSmart into your current school management systems?

Very easy. We’re not a huge school (just over 600 students from ELC to Year 12) so the slips are prepared, sent out and the responses monitored by our admin staff. This meant that the introduction process was straight-forward. We wrote to school families explaining how the new process would work prior to implementation and all went smoothly.

EdSmart customer Oakleigh Grammar

How have parents and staff reacted to EdSmart?

Our teachers really appreciate not having to collect and chase up returned paperwork from parents and families. And our parents appreciate being able to respond online as soon as they get a notices or a form to fill out, whether it's for a field excursion or an annual student record update.

Not having to rely on their kids – particularly the younger ones – to remember to hand in a paper slip is a big relief.

What are the key benefits you've seen using EdSmart? 

Definitely the reduction in staff time photocopying and in paper use, as well as the timeliness of receiving responses. The ability for our admin staff to answer parent questions regarding responses without having to chase paper replies is huge!  

Also the ability to see at a glance who has responded, who has opened their email but not responded and who hasn’t even opened their email to know exactly who needs to be followed up. It's given us clarity and visibility in a way we haven't had before.

What sort of savings are you seeing as a result of using EdSmart? 

We've experienced savings in paper use, staff time in photocopying, teaching staff’s time collating returned slips and chasing up those not returned. There's dollar savings, but also time and sanity.

What would you say to other schools considering implementing EdSmart into their school? Any handy tips?

I would say they definitely should do it. EdSmart is easy to use, in setting up, in managing and reporting. We’ve been using EdSmart for over 12 months, and the excellent support and prompt service we get from the team at EdSmart has made the whole process easy. We know we can rely on the system.

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"Our parents love the immediacy of EdSmart and we now average between 95% and 97% response rate within a week of sending out a notice. "
Burnside Primary, South Australia