2018-11-15 05:17:27

New feature: Process Module

By David Eedle
As Co-Founder and CTO of EdSmart, David draws from over 20 years’ experience as a technology leader, investor, entrepreneur and contractor to global Internet and technology businesses. Prior to his focus on technology, he worked in arts and entertainment management. He was also Co-Founder of ArtsHub, the leading online home for arts and cultural workers in Australia, New Zealand and the UK and, consequently, was featured in the book 50 Great eBusinesses and the Minds Behind Them (Random House 2007).

Automate your school processes with our latest Module.

We’ve created a smart Process Module that lets you build and automate an end-to-end school process (like activity management or staff on-boarding):
  • Link your templates into a single process
  • Set triggers for each step (e.g. once a policy is accepted, send the next communication)
  • Share data between templates nothing gets lost in the shuffle and no more double entry
  • View status of processes in a user-friendly dashboard

This new module is part of our ongoing commitment to continuous development that benefits teachers, administrators, parents and students. The module will be regularly enhanced from this initial launch stage, with the help of our Smart School customer community.

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Work smarter

No more burning hours of precious time manually creating forms or documents, sending to multiple stakeholders, reviewing and approving content, and repeatedly entering data.

You can use it to create and run processes for key school scenarios like: 

  • Excursions/Incursions
  • Annual Student Record updates
  • Enrolments and commencement
  • HR and staff management
  • Emergency and critical incident response
  • OH&S and Compliance
  • Student behaviour management
  • Alumni management

…and more.

Work safer

Ideal for principals, risk managers and senior administrators, the Process Module gives a single dashboard snapshot of approvals and statuses.

At a glance you can see which activities haven’t had risk assessments completed, which groups or individuals haven’t accepted important policies and head off issues before it’s too late.

Here's a sneak peek. Book a demo with our Customer Success team and give it a go.

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