2018-11-18 07:50:39

Must listen: The Teaching Gab

By Venessa Paech
Venessa is EdSmart's Director of Marketing.
EdSmart is proud to support this insightful podcast from veteran US educators.

The Teaching Gab podcast

It's a golden age for content, and that includes a dazzling array of fantastic podcasts.

There are many useful podcasts for educators out there, but one of our favourites is The Teaching Gab.

Created and produced by veteran and decorated US educators Dave and Aisha Crumbine, The Teaching Gab is a smart, accessible and insightful podcast dedicated to helping teachers have greater success with their children. 

Each episode Dave and Aisha explore critical teacher and parent questions in a blend of engaging stories with practical advice.They believe that great teaching is great parenting and great parenting is great teaching, and their practices have changed many lives for the better. 

We love their work and were proud to sponsor a recent episode on productivity, full of great tips and insights from this exceptional duo. 

This is one podcast every teacher or interested parent should add to their playlist .

Access all episodes on Anchor or listen via iTunes

Dave and Aisha Crumbine

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