We're very excited to welcome Arthi Ashok into the EdSmart team as Customer Success Agent. Let's get to know her better.

Our Customer Success Team is growing, which is excellent news for us and our schools. In particular, we're very pleased to introduce you to Arthi Ashok whose role is to help EdSmart schools become more efficient (and less stressed) in their daily processes.

Arthi's enthusiasm and positivity is truly infectious – just being around her is a joy – so we're sure you're going to love her. And she was obviously destined to work at EdSmart because one of her favourite colours is purple!

Here are all her answers to our five-question test:

1. If you were to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
Bubbly, kind and creative

2. What's your favourite colour and your favourite book?
Either purple or yellow. My favourite book is The Poetry Girl by Beverley Dunlop.

3. On the weekend, you like to…
See family, get out and explore, create art, watch a movie.

4. What's your motto in life?
Sprinkle kindness wherever you go. You never know who needs it the most.

5. If you could speak to yourself as a school student, what advice would you give?
To live in the moment and to stop worrying about the future too much.


Want to contact Arthi directly?
Feel free to email her: arthi.ashok@edsmart.com