Key steps to prepare your EdSmart platform for the new school year

Key steps to prepare your EdSmart platform for the new school year


Key steps to prepare your EdSmart platform for the new school year

There’s nothing like a good break to recharge and gain a fresh perspective. Welcome to a new year! 🎉

In this first EdSmart blog for 2024, we’re focusing on key steps to prepare your EdSmart platform for the new school year. Let’s ensure a fantastic start by getting your critical community engagement platform up-to-date and ready.

In this blog, we’ll cover:

  • Verifying your annual data rollover

  • Archiving

  • Tech stack changes

  • Data validation

Let’s dive straight into the details.

Verifying your annual data rollover and archiving ♻️

It’s likely you’ve completed the annual data rollover for your school, which involves updating Student and Student list details so everything is correct for the new year. However, to help you ensure your data is in order, we’ve prepared a library of helpful information for you.

Here’s a list of Knowledge Base articles on either data rollover or archiving:

Have you notified EdSmart of tech stack changes? 🛜

EdSmart retrieves information and couriers it to and from the different technologies in your school. Because this happens automatically, there are some integrations you may not even realise or have forgotten about. 

It’s important to notify us of any planned changes to your tech stack – such as upgrading key software to a newer version or changing the composition of your tech stack. This way, we can ensure the information exchange into and from EdSmart continues with minimal interruption.

Data Validation: Collecting critical information from Parents 🖇

The start of the year is the ideal time for updating Student and Parent contact data before getting into the full swing of things.

Use our data validation Slips to capture new addresses, medical conditions or emergency contact updates from Parents. These can be easily exported as CSV files to use as a reference for your Student Management System.

Learn more about collecting this information here.

Need extra help?

Our Support Portal is always available to help you resolve problems and find guidance for designing your use-case solutions.

Got a challenge or a unique scenario?

Our product team loves to find innovative solutions to your needs. Reach out to our Director of Product and Engineering, Courtney, who is eager to explore new ways EdSmart can assist you.

Before you go! For more tips on optimising your EdSmart usage, don’t forget to visit our Knowledge Base 🧠

Looking for an interactive learning experience? Check out EdSmart Academy for an engaging way to enhance your EdSmart skills 🤓

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