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Jacqui Layfield from Luther College talks about her studies in the future of education

By Emma Westwood
Writer | Editor | Content & Digital Strategist

When we announced our Webinar: Customise Your Dashboard, Jacqui Layfield – Director of Strategic and Educational Operations at Luther College in Victoria, Australia – put up her hand to offer her own best-practice insights into using the EdSmart School Organisation System.

You can hear the fantastic information she imparted by watching a recording of the webinar.

Watch the webinar

Jacqui also very kindly offered even more of her time to discuss her own professional development and international studies into the future of education, which you can see in the video presentation below. She's happy to speak to any EdSmart schools personally about both her experiences in EdSmart and education in general.

Jacqui's generosity and passion is demonstrated by a willingness to share information with those beyond her immediate Luther College network, to assist everyone in optimising their EdSmart experience and to help each and every school function at its very best. 

Jacqui Layfield Interview PD (09-46-49)

I would love to speak with Jacqui

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"Our parents love the immediacy of EdSmart and we now average between 95% and 97% response rate within a week of sending out a notice. Lost paperwork is almost unheard of now, but if a parent has accidentally deleted a slip it is very simple to resend it."
Burnside Primary, South Australia

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