2020-04-07 01:28:51

We've been featured in International School Leader Magazine

By Emma Westwood
Writer | Editor | Content & Digital Strategist

We're very pleased to have been asked by International School Leader Magazine – www.islmagazine.com – to write an article on the realities of data ownership for schools.

In the April edition of ISL Magazine, EdSmart's CTO David Eedle looks at how data security and data ownership impacts specifically on schools and, in doing so, emphasises that "schools need to understand their power and their rights when it comes to the ownership of their data."

You can download a PDF of the article or view the entire magazine online, which includes a number of timely articles on COVID-19, such as 'Coping with COVID-19 Burnout' by educational psychologist Angie Wigford and 'Effective Leadership in Nationwide Crisis' by school leader Dawid Bochen in Beijing. 

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