2020-03-10 07:39:45

Improvements to Form Designer

By David Eedle
As Co-Founder and CTO of EdSmart, David draws from over 20 years’ experience as a technology leader, investor, entrepreneur and contractor to global Internet and technology businesses. Prior to his focus on technology, he worked in arts and entertainment management. He was also Co-Founder of ArtsHub, the leading online home for arts and cultural workers in Australia, New Zealand and the UK and, consequently, was featured in the book 50 Great eBusinesses and the Minds Behind Them (Random House 2007).

Based on our customer suggestions, we have made some major improvements to how Form Templates can be designed going forward.

We have completely rewritten how the fields load and perform in our Form Templates, resulting in a faster load time as well as easier organisation of fields.

Only one instance of the generic fields and its available count

 Fields with numbers

We have replaced the multiple instances of generic fields on the left pane with a short and simple list as shown above. This new list just shows the different type of fields that are available for use in a template and the number of times it can be used. Now you don’t have to scroll through the list and count how many fields you have left.

Screenshot 2020-02-21 15.21.46

As you can see from the above screenshot, the number of fields available for use will decrease depending on how many of them are used in the Design section. Similarly, when the fields are removed from the design section and placed back on the fields pane, the number increases accordingly.

Choosing fields
Only the selected type of fields will be displayed in the left pane. This helps Users to better differentiate and organise data.

Contact Attributes

Student Attributes

Placing the fields at any part of the design

Another useful feature of the new form designer is to drag the fields to any part of the School or Parent section instead of them being placed by default at the bottom of the design section.

Screenshot 2020-02-27 11.34.16

In the above example, a checkbox list was placed directly in-between the text and the long description fields. This saves time as well as the confusion locating the fields in a large Template.

Preview of the Template in the design page

Schools can now preview a Template from the design page and make modifications accordingly. This saves a considerable amount of time and work, as previously preview could be only performed after a Slip was created from a Template and in Draft stage.

Screenshot 2020-02-27 12.23.20

The Preview button can be found at the bottom of the design page along with the Save Template option.

 Screenshot 2020-02-27 12.25.36

These new features are available for all types of Form templates e.g. Parent/Student Slips, Broadcasts and School Forms, with the exception of School forms where Users will only see generic fields from the School section.

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