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Enhanced data management in 2020

By Theresa Klunk
Customer Support Manager Theresa, a self-professed ‘Ameristralian’, has worked as senior technical support engineer and specialist for a number of leading software organisations in Australia and the United States. Initially trained as a computer scientist, Theresa’s love of helping people get the most out of their technologies led her into the customer support and success space. When she’s not trouble-shooting, Theresa trains at an all-women’s powerlifting facility, brunches often and enjoys watching Netflix with her cats.

As part of EdSmart's drive to continually improve our technology, we've recently turned our attention to creating new data functionality. 

We are pleased to be introducing some new features to help manage your data in EdSmart more easily, particularly for schools who manually import data via CSV.

Exporting datasets from EdSmart

You’ve been able to import datasets into EdSmart for a long time, and now you can export them too. Administrators can export the following datasets from their respective pages:

  • Students

  • Student Lists

  • Student Attributes

  • Contacts

  • Contact Attributes

  • Users

More information can be found in this Help Article: Exporting Datasets from EdSmart 

Making Data Inactive in Bulk 

Most schools want to start the school year with fresh data. We've heard it often. So you asked for it, and we listened!

EdSmart now has a Manual Data Management feature, which allows all records for Students, Student Lists, Contacts and Users to be set to inactive, and Student/List memberships can also be deallocated in bulk.  Please contact Support to enable this feature for your school.  

Here is a Help Article with more details: Making Data Inactive in Bulk

Improved Attribute Management

Do you have Student Attributes or Contact Attributes that you no longer wish to be used in Forms? 

Administrators can now delete unnecessary Attributes and simplify EdSmart Form Template creation.

Here is a Help Article with more details: Deleting Attributes

If you've got any questions about our new features, don't hesitate to contact Support and we'll be back in touch as soon as possible.

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