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EdSmart integrates with TryBooking for ticketing

By Emma Westwood
Writer | Editor | Content & Digital Strategist

EdSmart adds ticketing tools with school favourite TryBooking.

Over 3,000 schools already use an love TryBooking for event ticketing, registrations and fundraising, making it an ideal member of the EdSmart ecosystem.


Now -- 

  • You can include a TryBooking purchase as part of an EdSmart Parent Slip
  • You can ask parents to complete a TryBooking payment before they submit their Parent Slip
  • You can see, at a glance, who has paid returned their Parent Slip for consolidated reporting

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TrybookingWe spoke to TryBooking CEO Jeff McAlister about how our integration can support schools even more.

EdSmart: What's the TryBooking story?

Jeff McAlister: “Founders, Grant and Delma Dunoon, were both active in their school community and volunteering for their children’s sporting clubs when they started realising how difficult it was to find volunteers to run events, handle cash and manually complete every task.

"School offices were being inundated with envelopes filled with money, lists to track sales, and it was tough work. After a lot of research around the challenges presented, they built TryBooking to help volunteers and school departments run more efficiently, for a very affordable price.”

“10 years later, we're the largest local self-service ticketing platform, with over 60,000 event organisers running over 15,000 events per week. The platform is simple, powerful and the pricing hasn’t changed. Unlike many other large tech companies, we provide dedicated local support via phone, email and social media. The team is very experienced and understands the challenges that schools face.”

“Like EdSmart, we also differ from other players in that we host all our data in Australia. There’s no third-party marketing and we don’t have tiered pricing that limits your features. Our focus is affordability, to support the community.”

Why is TryBooking embraced by schools? 

“We have supported the school community since day one, working with schools to achieve their goals and planning new features around the feedback that we receive. I think our local support, affordable pricing and experience is the major difference between us and similar players. We are focused on privacy, and make it as easy as possible for parents, students and the community to book tickets without hassles of accounts and passwords.”

“The system is also very flexible – schools can use TryBooking for concerts with seating plans, sports registrations, open days, alumni events, dinners with table plans, end-of-year functions, fundraising and so much more. As we grow, we’re always adding more features, such as widgets for their websites, the TryBooking Scanning App and more. We want schools to succeed and we make sure our features are always the most useful and relevant for them.”

How have you developed your relationship with schools over time?

“We started with the aim of solving administration issues faced by schools and we're still passionate about helping schools run events and engaging their wider community.

"We run training sessions with school teams and aren’t just teaching new features but listening to what different departments, principals, parents, finance managers and bursars want from the platform.

"It's important for us to understand complex issues like financial controls, data privacy, collaboration and school events with multiple stakeholders."

Why is TryBooking joining the EdSmart ecosytem?

“There are some great technology products for schools and the more we work together the better. Integrating and finding ways to make processes easier for staff and volunteers is important for us and EdSmart, so we see this as a good fit. We are both passionate about community, and making life better for educators. We hope that schools using EdSmart will benefit from the integration and reduce the amount of time and effort needed to chase payments for events.”

Any tips for schools using TryBooking tools?

“The platform is very powerful and can be used in a huge number of ways. You can create whatever you want from a general admission event right through to a large seated concert hall.

"Once you know what types of events or registrations you are using, we suggest creating templates to ensure that all your branding and information is consistent across departments. Also, pick up the phone and get help when you need it. We are here to help.”

And so are we!

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