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EdSmart case study: Scotch Oakburn College

By Emma Westwood
Writer | Editor | Content & Digital Strategist

This college is on a winner with their EdSmart, Digistorm and Schoolbox integration.

Scotch Oakburn College EdSmart School

EdSmart school Scotch Oakburn College in Tasmania is seeing the advantages of integrating a School Organisation System to their technology mix.

They are using Digistorm and Schoolbox in harmony with the Edsmart SOS to create fully integrated, data interoperable workflows and processes for their school permissions and forms, learning, administration and communication.

Brendan Vince, Head of eLearning and IT Services at Scotch Oakburn shares his experience in unifying EdSmart, Digistorm and Schoolbox technologies into a synergetic whole.

How did you decide to integrate EdSmart with Digistorm and Schoolbox?

Schoolbox was introduced as our new learning management system (LMS) in 2014 when I had just taken on my role at the college. So it began with Schoolbox. We needed to look at how we were notifying our parents for due work and the functionality around push notifications for our ePortfolios, and that’s how we introduced Digistorm into the mix.

We were delighted to use EdSmart because it integrates seamlessly with Digistorm and Schoolbox. We love that it’s not just another stand-alone, separate silo technology – it can actually talk to other technologies. That's why we're such a fan – we didn't want more silos of data.

Have the technologies delivered for the school?

Absolutely. The synergy is where EdSmart, Digistorm and Schoolbox really shine. I'm a parent of the school as well. Our little boy kept forgetting notes. Now, we get all the information we need. It flows right through to our calendars.

Parents are always busy and the college needs to ensure everything is ordered properly through our technologies, information could be kept up-to-date and current, with everything as part of the one tech ecosystem. Parents need to be informed when there's work to look at, or there are marks from the teacher or feedback. That all gets pushed through Schoolbox and Digistorm. If there's a note, form, broadcast or things like parent/teacher interview organisation, they use EdSmart part of it. It's easy and they can get the information as they need it.

The return rates for forms with EdSmart are really good. I have forms that have to go out that need to be signed by the next day and, often, they’re returned to me before the kids have left for the day.

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Have you used EdSmart in ways you didn't expect?

We’ve used the data capture capabilities in useful ways. Before EdSmart we used our student management system to send links to parents to fill out forms but we had no idea who had returned them, who had done what. Now, we can use EdSmart to get great insights and work smarter.

When you take a scattergun approach and just email out a survey or questionnaire, it's hard to organise the data around who's doing what. That's been a big win – getting that information and then being able to follow it up. We don't need to saddle the teachers with paperwork and they can get back to teaching.

The synergy is where EdSmart, Digistorm and Schoolbox really shine. We get great insights and can work smarter.

What advice would you give other schools looking to integrate EdSmart, Digistorm and Schoolbox?

If you want a seamless flow of information for teachers, parents and students, I recommend using all three systems. That means you can send out information through all of the different management systems – via emails and apps – and it gives your parents a choice of how they want to access and receive information. Having EdSmart, Digistorm and Schoolbox working together allows parents and students to get school information how they want it, in the way they would like to receive it.

To get the most out of it, think outside the square. It's so powerful for data capture and insights. Take the time to work out what you want to achieve and how you want your end users to interact with it. As with everything, there's some change management but it's absolutely worth it. Go for it!

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"Lost paperwork is almost unheard of now, but if a parent has accidentally deleted a slip it is very simple to resend it."
Burnside Primary, South Australia

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