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EdSmart case study: International School of London

By Emma Westwood
Writer | Editor | Content & Digital Strategist

International School of London (ISL) is accustomed to leading the way, a reputation that has only been further cemented through their relationship with EdSmart.

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International School of London (ISL) offers an exceptional world of learning for every student that hinges on its unique multicultural environment.

Of all ISL students, 72% graduate with a full bilingual diploma as a result of their exceptional Mother Tongue Programme. Additionally, an impressive 90% of ISL graduates progress to their first choice of study at university.

ISL can lay claim to being the first school in the UK to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, which means they now have over 40 years of IB experience. 

Given ISL is an international school that fosters innovation, as well as academic and personal success in their students, it makes sense to us that we can call ISL an EdSmart school.

We asked Naia Borio, ISL's Digital Marketing & Media Production Coordinator since 2014, about her experiences using EdSmart.

How were you introduced to EdSmart? Was there something in particular that attracted to you to EdSmart as a solution?

I was asked to find software that brings paper reply slips for school trips into the digital space, and EdSmart does that perfectly. I like the possibility of editing the kind of responses we need, being able to see clearly who has not responded to the slip and then sending them reminders.

What digital problems were you looking to solve in your school? Or what were the pain-points you were looking to overcome?

We are always looking to improve on our communication with parents in regards to trips and events, especially to streamline the amount and/or frequency of written communication going out. Parents get frustrated and confused when they receive the same information over and over again, or when the information we have requested from them has already been supplied elsewhere. 

EdSmart helps us to do this by facilitating data collection i.e. receiving responses to various questions (such as permissions for students to attend trips, perform in events, stay behind at school to set up, etc.) and having them supply necessary supporting information (medical information, contact details, pick up arrangements, etc.) at the same time.

Everything goes out via the school office and, therefore, exported data from a completed slip is consolidated, centralised and can be easily understood when distributed to school staff and management.

Describe the reality of the EdSmart experience - how did it differ to what you expected? Were there any surprises?

As I wasn't involved in the implementation process, I did not have an expectation of how the programme would work when I started using it. As mentioned above, EdSmart is a valuable tool for us because it makes communicating with parents much easier, as well as paperless (better for the environment).

It is especially useful to be able to re-send a permission slip at the click of a button. Additionally, It has been surprisingly easy to create new templates to suit our various needs, as the workflow is created all on one page with various options and prompts that can be tailored for each trip/event we organise throughout the academic year. 

How do you think EdSmart tailors to international schools in particular?

One thing that works for me personally is that the format (questions, multiple choice answers, etc.) is completely generated by us in the template, from scratch, so the forms are not limited to specific rules or guidelines that don’t apply to us (e.g. responses that only apply to UK schools such as A-levels and so on).

All other functions of EdSmart would work equally well for a state school in any country as it does for us, I'd imagine.

What advice would you give to another school looking to implement EdSmart?

I'd say to utilise functions, such as creating student groups or templates, as much as possible because it makes the process of creating and sending slips much easier. Also make sure that contact information is accurate and synced regularly.

It also helps for the person sending out the slip – whomever that might be in the organisation – to have a clear idea of the sort of information they require from parents, especially from a logistical standpoint, so the trip/event (or whatever else) can be well-organised and parents are informed of the plan early on.

How would you sum up EdSmart in 25 words or less? 

A user-friendly, flexible and efficient tool for smarter communication.

Find out more about International School of London at https://www.isllondon.org/ 


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"Our parents love the immediacy of EdSmart and we now average between 95% and 97% response rate within a week of sending out a notice."
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