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EdSmart Success Story: Barker College

By Anushe Khan
Sales and Marketing Coordinator

We show how Barker College is achieving outstanding results in a timely manner.

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Barker College
is an independent, Anglican day and boarding school for Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 located in the north of Sydney, with a large population of approximately 2,200 students across all year levels.

Established in 1890 with only five pupils, Barker College has a reputation as not only one of the top schools in Sydney but Australia as well. What sets Barker apart is its commitment to allow students to thrive in a holistic sense – emotionally, physiologically, physically, academically.

The school joined the EdSmart schools community in 2018 and has already become one of our superstar users. A big reason why the leadership team at Barker College chose the EdSmart platform was for its speed and efficiency. The ability to have information at the fingertips of busy staff is important to the School and has made a big difference in the time staff spend on paperwork.

"What stands out about EdSmart is the speed of response, quality of response. It is quick and easy, therefore, we are getting the information we want, when we want it. And there's also the flexibility. Being able to create your own forms, with your own fields, is fantastic."
- Andrew Ashby, ICT Project Manager at Barker College

In 2019, a priority area for the School was the development of new information systems and new parent/student portal. In January 2020, the team will launch Project Oxygen, Barker’s one-stop concierge for students and parents. This includes Barker’s Student Information System (SIS), co-curricular system and EdSmart. Information will be pulled together in one place for parents and students to easily access. EdSmart’s API and interoperability has allowed the team at Barker to effectively pull accurate data for Project Oxygen.

ICT Project Manager Andrew Ashby told us that Barker’s parent community was quick to adopt EdSmart and there was an extremely positive reaction, with this overwhelming response being felt from the very start of rolling out EdSmart. This was due to EdSmart’s onboarding, which includes an introductory email for schools to send to parents, and a test slip, which Barker found was returned very quickly.

Change management in any school is not easy, however, Barker has been able to engage both its parent and staff communities. A champion of the platform, Andrew’s enthusiasm has encouraged the staff to utilise the EdSmart suite to reduce their workload and minimise stress around administration.


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