2022-11-18 06:02:47

Webinar: Is your school struggling with data security?

By Emma Westwood

Data security is rapidly rising to the top of priority lists in schools – and for good reason. This webinar couldn't have been more timely.

On Wednesday 9th November 2022, EdSmart CEO David Eedle and James Lacey from CTRL Group ran through important foundational knowledge specifically for schools about handling their data security.

Special guest Thomas Blackwood, Head of ICT at Fahan School in Tasmania, provided a best-practice cyber security model and joined in the Q&A session with attendees at the conclusion of the webinar.

If you were unable to attend, you can still watch the 60-minute webinar in its entirety online and view the slide deck for the presentation.

We've also produced a Data & Cyber Security Resource Pack for Schools, intended to support all schools in their cyber security endeavours, which you can access for free. 

Recent high-profile data breaches have highlighted the vulnerability of any organisation when it comes to cybercrime. Schools are unique and should be treated as such, which is why we prepared this webinar with schools in mind.

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