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Building Community: An eBook for Schools

By Sam Sapuppo
Schools Advisor Sam is a committed educationalist who believes in the transformative power of community. Through his 30-year involvement in the leadership team of a prominent educational institution in Melbourne, Sam uses his extensive knowledge to help school workflows and processes run smarter.

Schools need to adopt a customer experience model to build community and thrive.

Customer experience is now a bedrock of good business. Every interaction people have with your organisation produces an experience and a lasting impression. It generates an emotion - was it easy and relaxed? Annoying and clunky? Add up these experiences and there's an overall feeling that an organisation is a pleasure to deal with and values your time - or not.

Schools are joining other organisations in moving to a Customer Experience (CX) model to drive engagement, loyalty and outcomes, and build school communities. In many respects, schools have long understood the value and impact of community and customer-centricity. But the demands of modern consumers around digitisation, portability and frictionless interaction haven't yet fully carried over into schools, particularly in the administration engines that power schools in a daily basis.

Reflect on the following in regard to your school:

• How many opportunities are there for families to engage in school activities relevant to them?

• How accessible are staff to parents?

• How much do you ask for parents' time and for what reason?

• How much do you respect parents’ time?

• How do you choose to communicate and interact with them?

• How strategically are you applying data and insights they provide through these interactions?


CX eBook CoverIf your school doesn't yet have a customer experience strategy or operating model, now's the time to start the journey.

This complimentary eBook offers insights and practical frameworks to support principals, deputies and other school leaders in understanding, prioritising and delivering customer experience strategy.

Download this free internal resource for you and your teams.


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