CTRL Group and EdSmart come together to help schools with data security

CTRL Group and EdSmart come together to help schools with data security


CTRL Group and EdSmart come together to help schools with data security

Today, we announce our official partnership with leading Australian cyber security company CTRL Group to help improve data security in schools

The importance of data security in schools cannot be understated, and that importance is only increasing with breaches in data worldwide. In recognition of our responsibilities as a global EdTech provider, EdSmart has committed to lead the charge in school cyber security by marrying our substantial expertise with that of CTRL Group

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The relationship between EdSmart and CTRL Group is not new – we’ve been a CTRL Group customer for many years, across the gamut of cyber security preparedness including, penetration and vulnerability testing, staff training, policy and procedure development, and ISO27001 consultancy. We’ve formed this commercial agreement having been impressed by CTRL Group’s capabilities and knowledge, and how we can use these to ‘pay it forward’ and assist our schools with better data security.

As a firm pioneering Australia’s transition to cyber excellence, CTRL Group is the trusted confidant and advisor to ASX 100, Fortune 500 and many scaling organisations. Their work with EdSmart and schools around Australia has seen them develop critical skills and knowledge on data security specific to education. 

“This partnership is about sharing and exchanging information,” says EdSmart CEO David Eedle. “Schools are considered easy targets by cybercriminals, suggesting too many are lagging behind other organisations in keeping up with data security protocols. Our mission is to facilitate schools in improving their cyber security posture by offering them a well-secured EdSmart platform and by partnering with CTRL Group to share information and knowledge on improved cyber security for schools across-the-board.” 

As part of this partnership, EdSmart and CTRL Group will be distributing information in the form of blog articles, eBooks, webinars, video snippets and social media with school-specific approaches to data and cyber security over the coming months. This collateral will be disseminated on an ongoing basis to provide the most up-to-date information in an ever-evolving cyber security environment. We want schools to be confident that they’ve fully secured the sensitive data in their possession.

“We’ve already kicked off the partnership with a series of articles around data identity,” David explains. “But this is just the start of what we have planned. We want to keep the topic of data security high in the minds of schools, and encourage dedication in all schools to continuous cyber security improvement.”

Want to talk to EdSmart or CTRL Group about cyber security in schools? Contact us today!

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