2021-10-05 00:15:27

COVID-19 vaccination compliance for schools gets a shot in the arm

By Emma Westwood
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Introducing COVID-19 Certification Management from Australian EdTech enterprise, EdSmart,

In a significant effort to give back to K-12 schools that have been suffering so much during the global pandemic, we've launched a COVID-19 Certification Management digital solution. Within the EdSmart platform, schools can now track, manage and identify vaccination compliance across their communities.

“EdSmart’s mission is to enable schools to do things better, faster and more efficiently by removing spreadsheets and paperwork and going fully digital with automated workflows designed specifically for the demands of K-12 schools,” says David Eedle, Co-Founder and CEO of EdSmart. “We could see schools were going to take another administration hit with vaccination compliance, and our software was perfectly placed to take the load.” 

EdSmart has launched its COVID-19 Certification Management module at no additional charge to both new and existing customers for the next six months. The motivation behind this decision is to help schools in their risk mitigation endeavours and ensure they can meet government-mandated vaccination requirements. New EdSmart customers can be set up in 60 minutes, while existing customers only need 10 minutes to start loading certificates.

Data captured via EdSmart’s COVID-19 Certification Management solution has the same protection and encryption provisions as all the other data already managed and processed by EdSmart, which means schools can collect crucial vaccination data without compromising privacy or security. Features include API access, security-encrypted hosting, 99.9% uptime, secure document downloads, user permission settings, two-factor authentication and customised notifications.

“This technology is simple yet immensely powerful in the functionality, time-savings and peace of mind that it provides,” concludes David. “We recognise we’ve created a valuable piece of technology and actively made the decision not to charge for the time being. It’s our gift to educators as a token of our appreciation for what they do.” 

Find out more about EdSmart's COVID-19 Certification Management, including a video demonstration of how it works. Ready to get started now? Email kai@edsmart.com