2022-03-23 22:00:00

COVID-19 Certification Management to continue at no charge for schools

By Ellen Richards

Following the success of our COVID-19 Certification Management functionality and positive feedback, EdSmart has decided to continue offering this feature to our schools at no extra charge, regardless of their package tier.

This decision was made as a goodwill gesture to support an already stressed education system adjusting to the additional requirements of COVID compliance.

“Our COVID-19 Certification Management had always been intended as a special service to give schools a helping hand at a challenging time,” says EdSmart Co-Founder and CEO, David Eedle.

“I’m now pleased to confirm that EdSmart can continue providing this feature free to our schools including schools who are already using the functionality, as well as those who are yet to activate it."

EdSmart’s COVID-19 Certification Management feature was originally launched in October 2021 to coincide with the return to school in Australia and New Zealand after extended periods of remote learning.

COVID-19 Edited Hero image

It’s a simple feature that allows schools to securely collect crucial vaccination data and evidence via an encrypted platform to keep everyone safe and meet mandated requirements for risk compliance.

Existing EdSmart schools can be up and running with the COVID-19 Certification Management functionality and ready to capture vaccination certificates in less than 10 minutes. New customers can be set up in just 60 minutes.

To get started with COVID-19 Certification Management, contact our Customer Success Team via help@edsmart.com or phone +61 (0)3 8560 0890.