2018-11-19 00:15:44

Checklist: New School Year Admin

By Sam Sapuppo
Director - Business Development Sam is a committed educationalist who believes in the transformative power of community, which he has seen evidenced through his 30-year involvement in the leadership team of a prominent educational institution in Melbourne. In his role as a director of EdSmart and as a consultant, Sam now uses this extensive knowledge to help school workflows and processes run smarter.
School admin set up for the new year is a huge job. Get a jump on things.

Don't get derailed by an onslaught of work in January. It's time to plan ahead for the new school year, and we're here to help. 

Here's just a small part of what we know is a huge job for school administrators:


  • Student data
  • Staff data
  • Parent data
  • Emergency contact data
  • Medical data
  • Class lists 
  • Co-curricular lists


  • New policies sign off
  • New processes sign off
  • ICT policy - update details
  • Professional behaviour sign off
  • Media consent forms sign off


  • ICT policy sign off
  • Codes of behaviour sign off
  • Sports and clubs contact update details


  • Contact details update
  • Medical information update
  • Call for volunteers
  • Parent association (confirmation of office holders)
  • Year level and class list release of details permissions

Book a time with our Success team by emailing help@edsmart.com or phoning +61 3 8560 0890. They'll talk through your set-up, ensure you're ready for the new year, and help you head into the holidays with confidence.

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