2022-01-27 00:06:36

Using EdSmart to meet back-to-school COVID compliance

By Jamie Bobrowski

Australian and New Zealand schools are returning to classrooms in 2022 with mandated criteria that need to be met. Here's how EdSmart can help.

The good news for 2022 is that students are returning to classrooms and, hopefully, the long periods of remote learning are behind us. However, this year's back-to-school plans look a little different to other years, and they vary from state to state, territory to territory.

Victoria and New South Wales announced almost identical plans last week, and they've since been followed by back-to-school roadmaps from the Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia and New Zealand. The main takeaway is the need for rapid antigen tests (RATs) on a regular basis, with any positive results reported to the school so action can be taken.

At EdSmart, we understand that this extra compliance step may seem like a simple (and sensible) step to take, but it's an extra burden on school administration that, depending on the level of COVID positives, could add up to mountains of work. But it doesn't have to be like that.

We'd like to remind schools that EdSmart's Parent Initiated Forms provide the perfect functionality to handle your COVID compliance requirements, and to do it in a streamlined, automated and stress-free manner. You can learn how to create a Parent Initiated Form using a File Upload Field for RAT collection. If interested, please ask our Customer Success team for a copy of a template that you can tailor to your school's requirements help@edsmart.com.

For schools with EdSmart, this is just a matter of using a tool you already have at your disposal. You may also be using our COVID Certification Management Module, which is another excellent EdSmart feature for helping manage vaccination information.

If you don't have EdSmart, reach out to me and I'll get you set up as soon as possible.