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EdSmart Case study: Macarthur Anglican School

By Emma Westwood
Writer | Editor | Content & Digital Strategist

More engagement, less stress: this EdSmart school is transforming school life.

Tim Cartwright from Macarthur Christian School writes about the benefits of ParentPaperwork's online forms.Tim Cartwright, Dean of Students K-12 at Macarthur Anglican School, shares how EdSmart's cloud admin system has benefited his school.

Tell us a little about your school?

Macarthur Anglican School is located in Cobbitty NSW on 100 acres, 50 mins from Sydney.

We have over 800 students from Transition to Year 12, offering excellent facilities and opportunities for students to develop their academic, musical, sporting, community responsibility and leadership skills in a safe and caring environment.

Part of my role at the School is to manage all excursions, and extra curricular activities of all students.  Included in this is  the collection of all necessary paper work involved with running excursions eg. Risk Assessments, bookings, staffing and so on.

Despite the business of school life, I love seeing systems and processes working together in harmony!

EdSmart customer Macarthur Anglican School

What drew you to EdSmart?

The goal of having a paperless system, for both the school and parents. Also to have a more efficient system to collect, approve and store paperwork required.

What kinds of changes are you seeing since introducing EdSmart?

Parents are receiving all excursion notes as soon as they are sent, not waiting for children to give them to them, which has slips being returned quickly and at a much greater rate. Students joining late to an excursion are easily added.

Slips and school forms are now going through the proper channel, being processed quicker, with higher consistency, and automatically going to the many departments requiring the information.

What was the process of introducing EdSmart with your current school management systems like?

Essentially, it was just a matter of systematically working through existing paper work and transferring the information into templates that would be easily accessed by staff.  The roll-out into the public sphere started with small groups of students and gradually increased into year groups after a few issues were identified and changes made.  I am still making small changes to templates to ensure that data collection is easiest for parents and for teachers to access as needed.

How have parents and staff reacted to EdSmart?

Parents are now receiving notes and returning slips almost immediately, and being able to add the excursion as an event on their calendar to remind them is fantastic. They love it.

Staff appreciate the less stressful chase of slips, and to be able to see the correct students have all received slips; which parent has responded, opened the email or not opened the email, is great. Also to export the data to manipulate to have the relevant information for an excursion is excellent!

Administration staff appreciate having each slip available as the slips are sent, allowing them to answer or pass on information for students and parents with better efficiency.

EdSmart customer Macarthur Anglican School

What are the key benefits you have experienced? Have there been any benefits that you didn’t expect?

Our slips returned so quickly.

Staff using correct notes, completing all school forms.

What sort of savings are you seeing as a result of using EdSmart?

There are many, but the top three would be:

  • Time in issuing slips
  • Ease in re-sending slips
  • Cost in paper copies and time in processing

What would you say to other schools considering implementing EdSmart into their school? Any handy tips?

Watch the Tutorial Videos and ask questions – they always get answered!

Play in the different areas to see all it can do, it is a wonderful system that can do so very much.

The staff at EdSmart are excellent, will answer the silly questions and take all suggestions on board for either immediate change or future updates.

"Our parents love the immediacy of EdSmart and we now average between 95% and 97% response rate within a week of sending out a notice. The last few stragglers will be because they haven’t updated their email address with the school or they are away on a family holiday. Lost paperwork is almost unheard of now, but if a parent has accidentally deleted a slip it is very simple to resend it." Burnside Primary, South Australia

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