Your school's data will need some attention to ensure Slips and Broadcasts are sent to the right people in the new year. Here are some tips.

Your school's IT team may have a special day for performing a data rollover, where they update the lists in your Student Management System with the student body details for the new year.

Check with your IT team to confirm when this data rollover will occur. Once the data has been rolled over, EdSmart will also be automatically updated with the next scheduled data sync from your Student Management System (usually overnight).

Plan to send any communications to future students after your data rollover date. Once the rollover date has occurred, check your Lists to confirm they contain the correct Students. If you do not see the Students you expect, please contact EdSmart Support in case you require us to update import configuration on our side, or run another data sync.  

Note: Slips and Broadcasts are sent to Students that belong to Lists on the send date, not creation date. Additionally, if you make changes to your SQL view names or structure, EdSmart will need to be notified to update our import configuration.

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The Support Team at EdSmart wish you the very best for the holiday season. If you experience any problems with your annual data rollover, don't hesitate to contact us.